Our Edmonton Bridge Centre remains CLOSED due to our

efforts in helping contain the COVID 19 Pandemic. Alberta's situation

seems to be improving, but we will not be re-opening until

the board and members feel it is safe to do so.


Summer Team League on BBO

Starts week of July 12 - Contact Don to register

Information and Conditions of Contest available <Here>



EBC supports Alzheimers


Every year EBC has collected charity funds to support the Alzheimers Society

of AB and NWT. Thank you for helping this year. We know of over $500 in donations made. You can still donate directly and get a tax receipt. Follow the link below.


Make personal donations to AB and NWT Alzheimer Society <HERE>


Thank You



Many of you have found ways to play bridge online. We now have a VIRTUAL CLUB on Bridgebase Online (BBO). We are able to offer ACBL masterpoints and unlimited tables, but we have to charge a fee for this.

We offer many separate OPEN and INTERMEDIATE games

where attendance warrants.

In BBO, under Virtual clubs, then ACBL clubs, Scroll through pending games, look for or search VACB130096 and EDMONTON in caps. It may be easier to find next time, if you 'follow' or 'friend' our VACB130096 identity.


The Schedule of Games continues as follows:

Monday to Friday Afts 12:30pm Open and Intermediate.

Saturday and Sunday Afts 12:30pm Single Open Stratified

        (Weds and Fri Aft Open - IMP scoring)

Monday and Wednesday Eve 7:00pm Single Open Stratified

Thursday Eve 7:00pm Open Expert IMP game.


Intermediate games are 18 boards (2 hours) long and

Open games are usually 21 or 22 boards (More on Thurs Eves).

Make sure you have BB$ in your account and register. You can even be nice and pay for your partner. Both players need to be online.

The usual price is 4 $US each. (80% goes to supporting our club and directors) Occasionally, the ACBL charges a higher sanction,

which we have to add to the price.

Hand Records now available on EBC Results Page Calendars

You do not have to be an ACBL member to play but you do have to attach your ACBL member number to your BBO profile to receive masterpoints.

Do this by going to ACBLworld, click blue button <Update ACBL Number>.


If you would like tutorials about BBO, some can be found <HERE>


If you have yet to discover online bridge you can still check out our guide sheet, click the green button below:


Thanks to Don Greenwood for all his efforts in making online bridge work for you and your friends. If you have questions about BBO you can contact him at ddg4bridge@gmail.com


Thank you for your patience during this difficult time.

Be safe and healthy. Don't panic. Be of help to others.


UNIT 391 AGM and Awards


Edmonton 299er Tournament

2 sessions Sat May 2 Canceled

Upcoming Edmonton Sectional

May 22 - 24  <Program> Canceled


August 10 - 16  <Program> Canceled

Check out our calendar for hand records and special events
JULY 2020

The Bob Crosby Memorial Library

Robert (Bob) Crosby, who died in 2012, was one of Edmonton's most accomplished bridge players, as well as being a prolific coach and writer. Bob's insight, thoughtfulness, and clarity of expression are apparent here, in the almost 2,000 articles that he wrote during the last several years of his life.