Our Edmonton Bridge Centre Remains OPEN For Face-To-Face Play.
ALL people entering the club need to be FULLY VACCINATED.


Our club remains OPEN for FULLY VACCINATED players. Please bring

your proof and we will add you to a list of approved entrants

so you will not have to show it each time. Starting June 20, 2022 the

requirement to wear masks inside has been removed.

Masks are optional and welcome but are NOT required.

Thank you for your co-operation.



For current letter to members click: <August Letter>


For previous letters to members see links below on this page



August Highlights


UNIT Rookie Master Game Saturday August 27, 1 - 4pm


Regular Schedule of games continues in air conditioned comfort.

Mon and Thu Evenings are Live in the Club - 7:00pm 

[Friday afternoons and Wed evenings continue Online]

Beginner Bridge Wed and Sat afternoons




Saturday September 17 Noon - 5 pm



UNIT Fall Sectional Sept 30 - Oct 2



"The Barton System" Book

Publisher's Link <here>

$25 Copies available at the Club

Proceeds support EBC




Calendar Link:  August 2022






Many of our members travelled to Penticton for their annual Regional Tournament.
Points are not everything and reporting is quite different
than the past so some attendees may have been missed and
side-series totals may have been duplicated.
Apologies if you've been missed and Congratulations to all.

Name MPs
Piotr Klimowicz 89.72
Robert Pratt 87.94
Kevin Strangway 87.94
K Fung 80.11
Susan Culham 61.46
Abdeali Naffar 59.01
Sharana Basappa 59.01
Don Greenwood 55.15
Manohara Senaratne 55.15
Louise Klimowicz 54.44
Piotr Rajski 53.62
Andrew Proczkowski 53.62
Karen Long 41.10
William McDonald 33.60
Ross Armour 29.43
Perry Khakhar 27.78
Leeann Lagace 24.06
Donald Carson 23.36
Doug Riopelle 19.78
Kathleen Harvey 18.57
Michael Harvey 18.57
Judy Chapman 18.14
Lloyda Jones 16.95
Steve Bates 16.04
Donald Reble 13.90
Gerry Boudrias 13.90
Kathy Turnbull 13.54
Peter Jones 13.31
Amanda Atwell 12.52
David Smith 11.13
Lorna McDonald 10.85
Kathleen McGreer 10.06
Roberta Stirling 9.80
William Miller 9.80
Mary Carson 8.89
Ian Baker 7.34
Dennis O Donnell 6.79
Philip Hardin 6.79
Anita Lambert 5.82
Raymond Buchanan 5.61
Roxann Trouth 5.48
Marne Turnbull 3.82
Karen Balon 3.38
Mary Ann Buchanan 3.38
Mary Souliere 2.44
Susan Johnson 2.44
Linda Riopelle 2.29
Diana Sutley 1.07
Ken Sutley 1.07
Grand Total 1315.58




Many of you have found ways to play bridge online.
still have a VIRTUAL CLUB on Bridgebase Online (BBO).
We are able to offer ACBL masterpoins and unlimited tables,
but we have to charge a fee for this.

We offer many separate OPEN and INTERMEDIATE games.

In BBO, under Virtual clubs, then ACBL clubs, scroll through pending games,
look for VACB130096 and EDMONTON in caps.
It may be easier to find next time, if you 'follow' or 'friend' our VACB130096 identity.


Current Schedule of ONLINE Games

Mon & Fri Aft 12:30pm Open IMP Pairs.
Wed & Fri Aft 12:30pm Intermediate MP Pairs.
Wed Eve 7:00pm Open Stratified MP Pairs
Sat & Sun Aft 12:30pm Open Stratified MP Pairs


See Calendar below:

Make sure you have BB$ in your account and register.
Both players need to be online to register.
Starting Feb 14, the usual price is 5 $US per player.
(80% goes to supporting our club and directors)
Occasionally, the ACBL charges a higher sanction
which we have to add to the price.

Hand Records available on EBC Results Page Calendars

You do not have to be an ACBL member to play

but you do have to attach your ACBL member number

to your BBO profile to receive masterpoints.

Do this by going to ACBLworld, click blue button <Update ACBL Number>.


If you would like tutorials about BBO, some can be found <HERE>


If you have yet to discover online bridge you can still check out

our guide sheet, click the first green button below:



If you have questions about BBO you can contact Don at ddg4bridge@gmail.com





Having agreements and a Convention Card is important.

Learn how to fill out your BBO CCs <HERE>


Thank you for your patience during this difficult time.

Be safe and healthy. Don't panic. Be of help to others.

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Check out our calendar for hand records and special events
JULY 2022
JUNE 2022
MAY 2022

The Bob Crosby Memorial Library

Robert (Bob) Crosby, who died in 2012, was one of Edmonton's most accomplished bridge players, as well as being a prolific coach and writer. Bob's insight, thoughtfulness, and clarity of expression are apparent here, in the almost 2,000 articles that he wrote during the last several years of his life.