accomplishments are not just measured at the Bridge table. The Edmonton Unit 391 has recognized this fact for years & awards the "player of the year" award to a player that unselfishly contributes to the game of Bridge in the Edmonton unit. The recipients of the player of the year award since 2002 are recognized below.

Of course , accomplishments can be made at the Bridge table also. Peter Jones was a member of the Canadian team which won the demonstration sport (  Bridge Olympiad ) in Salt Lake City in 2002. BJ Trelford & Chris Buchanan won a NABC event the Red Ribbon Pairs in Dallas Texas in 2006. Piotr Klimowicz won the NAOP in Dallas the same year.

Piotr Klimowicz was also on the winning CNTC team in 2010 & represented Canada at the world championships in Philadelphia. Edmonton women have been part of the winning CWTC teams many times . Kiz Fung & Susan Culham along with Pat Lopushinsky & Lorna McDonald won the CWTC here in Edmonton in 2002. They have also been on winning CWTC teams for 2008 , 2009 & 2010 consecutively.

Kiz Fung was a double Silver medalist at the World Championship at Philadelphia ( Mixed & Womens' Pairs ). Kiz & Susan won the silver medal for the Womens pairs. Edmonton has been a fertile ground for good Bridge players. Its up to the EBC & the Edmonton Unit 391 to keep it that way for decades to come.


UNIT 391 Players of the Year

2002 Kiz Fung
2003 Glen Anderson
2004 Glenda Stewart
2005 Molly Jones / Mavis Hahn
2006 Barry Pritchard
2007 Susan Culham
2008 Tom Gandolfo
2009 Val Tom
2010 Alex Fowlie




World Championshp Silver Medalists

Philadelphia 2010



NAOP & CNTC Winner